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Interior Design Tips for Vietnam Real Estate

Interior design trends in Vietnam: Whether you’ve just moved into your new home you are looking for a new place to stay in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, Vietrealestate offers you some handy tips from interior design professionals in Vietnam. Look at these simple-to-do design tips and see how they can change the look at feel of your property in Vietnam.

1. Select an original theme and style.

Interior design trends in Vietnam

Finding your unique style is the first step. Each person is unique, and they all have different tastes and preferences. While you want to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, don’t forget about the primary inhabitant of your property in Vietnam — that is you!

Observe how design influences may be found in all aspects of life. Think back to a recent memorable trip and write down your favourite parts. Another suggestion is to get design ideas from publications and websites. Whether it be eclectic, contemporary, classic, modern, or tropical, make a note of the styles and themes you can draw inspiration from.

You need to select a colour scheme now that you have a solid notion of the look you want to claim as your own. Making a choice here is difficult because colour choices are so personal and can inspire us in various ways.

Test out many colour schemes, paints, and textures before settling on one. Three different tints or shades work well most of the time. For continuity in your theme, interior design experts advise taking into account the colour and tone of your furniture, flooring, and carpet. How much light you bring into your home has an impact on colour.

3. Use houseplants to go green.

Vietnam is renowned for its breathtaking scenery. So why not incorporate plants inside your home to complement the outdoor flora, natural surroundings, or urban vistas.

Another cheap option to accessorise by adding colour and texture to your living space is by adding plants.

In addition to being attractive, plants can reduce humidity and help purify the air in your home. By eliminating polluted air and absorbing contaminants, house plants keep your home healthy. Additionally, they give your house a livelier feel.

4. Include large, bold furniture pieces.

Even the smallest rooms, according to interior designers, can contain one huge statement object, like a focal sofa or desk. An effective design must incorporate both large and small elements. This restriction also applies to accessories.

Having a big sofa and some skirted club chairs may really transform your home. mixing up the sizes and designs of the furniture will help the space look balanced—not too massive or lanky. There are many design ideas to explore, even if you are decorating a small flat.

5. Place area rugs on hardwood floors to soften them

Although carpeted flooring are more comfortable, hardwood and tile floors are easier to maintain and wonderful for the warmer months. Add area rugs to your living area for more warmth, texture, colour, and personality as part of a pleasant home design technique. They can be used to divide up different living areas.

To express your particular style, use designer or Persian carpets with a variety of patterns and materials. Add a few rugs with the same design and material, or a variety of textures in the same colour. There are countless options.  Family-friendly washable area rugs are available and perfect for homes with kids.

For timber hard floorboards, complement the floorboards with beautiful Vietnamese bespoke wooden furniture hand-made locally from Vietnam to keep the tone and tone of your home consistent. And break up the floor and the furniture with a rug.

6. Fill every room with flowers

A room and mood are always improved by fresh flowers. Adding floral arrangements, live plants, and organic objects like vases of shells or pebbles will truly give your interior designers’ advice the finishing touch.

If properly fed and watered, there are many low-maintenance plants that you can buy for your house and they can endure for years. The majority of interior designers would advise you to stay away from imitation floral arrangements, and we concur with this advice.

To make your property in Vietnam stand out and look beautiful, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on an expensive interior designer. Simply read the advice provided above, remain current with Vietrealestate’s news and trends to get ideas for your own house and design, and search for the greatest bargains when purchasing a property in Vietnam.

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